LA Growth Models Event

Featuring Chandra Janakiraman - VP Product/Growth @ Headspace and David Oh - VP Growth @ FabFitFun

Part One - Qualitative Growth Model

  1.  Have one team member make a copy of the qualitative growth model by clicking on the button above. 
  2.  Share that document with the rest of your team so you can collaborate. 
  3.  Enter the name of the product/company you were assigned at the top.
  4.  (5 minutes) Choose a key output metric you want to optimize for. 
    • Tip:  What number tells you that you are delivering meaningful value to the user/customer?
  5.  (10 minutes) Identify the primary acquisition loops.
    • Tip:  How does one cohort of users lead to another cohort of users?
  6.  (10 minutes) Identify the possible primary retention loops
    • Tip:  How does a user's usage or the usage of others lead to them coming back over time?
  7.  (5 minutes) Fill in any remaining details. 

Stop here for large group discussion.  See an example of a qualitative growth model for LinkedIn here.  

Part Two - Optimization + 10X

  1.  Take 15 minutes to discuss two things:
    1. What part of the existing model would you choose to focus optimization efforts on?  Why? 
    2. What is one new 10X idea?  10X ideas tend to be new loops or layers of the model (not optimizing the existing model).  
  2. Have one person ready to represent your group with answers to the above two questions.